Sunday, June 27, 2010


Peace be with you!

So many blessings were poured out upon me yesterday, and I have come to the conclusion that a list is the most satisfactory way to impart them to the readers on the other end of this virtual medium.

1. Waking up fully alive and healthy to a new day
2. Mass at the cathedral in Manchester.
3. Praying outside Planned Parenthood in the city
4. Meeting Francis on the first walking shift. He sits in the doorway of his paint shop all way waiting for people to walk by so he can tell them about Christ. Meghan and I were priviledged to hear part of the book he is writing (reflections on the culture) and listen to him sing the song he wrote. We both agreed that he brought Christ to us.
5. Realizing that we met Francis while in the middle of the Second Joyful Mystery: the Visitation. The fruit of this mystery is love of our neighbor, just what Francis taught us how to do a little better.
6.Walking down a road in  Merrimack and recognizing the name as the road that my aunt and uncle live off of
7. Calling my aunt and finding that she was home
8. Stopping by their house and seeing them for the first time in four years. This was the biggest blessing of the day. I still have no words to express the blessing and craziness of realizing we were right by their house, being able to stop by and chat for 25 minutes. The Lord continually surprises 
9. Eating blueberries that my aunt gave to us
10. Learning that we were done walking two shifts before I thought we were.
11. Listening to the FIFA 2010 song in the car
12. Arriving at the Keena house.
13. Seeing Amanda, one of my household sisters from Franciscan, and spending the evening with her, her mom, and brother.Amanda and her mother. Anna, are pictured above
14. Coffee.
15. showers.
16. laundered clothes
17. singing the MOS household song with Amanda
18. finding a plate of fruit in the girl's room left by Anna.
19. Going to bed without setting an alarm
20. Falling asleep.

I pray that your day will be filled with as many blessings as mine was.


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Who we are?

Every summer we, the Missionaries of the Eucharist, are walking from Lewiston, Maine to Washington, DC to proclaim the beauty of the Catholic faith to everyone we meet, specifically through the Theology of the Body.

Conversion begins in our own hearts,which is why prayer is so important to our ministry. For this reason, everyday of our ten week walk begins with daily Mass. By receiving Christ in the Eucharist, we are given the grace to be the Love of Christ not only to those in our community but also to those we meet in the streets.

We walk throughout the day to be a witness of love. We are grounded in prayer-we pray with our lips, our hearts, and our bodies. In walking an average of twenty-five miles per day, we offer our fatigue as a gift of love to Christ and the people we meet. Our walking is both sacrifice and prayer.