Sunday, July 05, 2009

Thank You, Host Families :)

I would love to thank each of our Incredible Host Families that have opened their houses and parishes to us MoEs for the past two weeks. Our Host Families have taken us in (some for nights, others for meals, most of them for football, and “The Mow Game”) and have blessed our trip to the extreme. These families are true witnesses to the Catholic Faith and possess its’ beauty within the entire family. Spending time with the children of these families has brightened our long days and refreshed our time here on the walk.

Here are my top memories from each home we were privileged to visit.
-At the Parish’s beautiful farm, we had the opportunity to pray night prayer with the family in their barn chapel (with only a few of the kids out of 10, [the ones who were still awake!] along with Mr. and Mrs. Parish!). What was once a barn that hosted horses, now reserves statues of Jesus, Mary and the Saints, a Tabernacle, and pews to accommodate all of us MoEs, the Parish’s, and then some! Experiencing such great community (with goats right below us!) while joining along with the Parish’s charisms was very special.
-Every one of the 5 VandenBerk children are such GIFTS! Mary, Theresa, Anthony, Matthew and Luke played games with all of us big kids. HulaHoops and the first throwdown of “The Mow Game” was so much fun. I enjoyed being able to sit down with little Matthew and pick his brain about “Smooshy Cookies” and what his favorite flavor combinations were. (Debbie and Dan- I will e-mail you the pictures as soon as I get home!)
-Hey Guenther’s… you get a shoutout here because YOU’RE MARRIED.
It was so exciting getting to meet the two of you after hearing so many stories from all the other MoEs. I loved spending time with both of you. Just eating fajitas on your living room floor and being exhausted from our long car ride was fun… and listening to your talks on the Liturgy of the Hours and Theology of the Body and the Top 10 MoE list… and seeing pictures from your beautiful wedding! You are a beautiful example of true, Christ-centered love. Thank you for leading this ministry and preparing us for the best summer of our lives!
…aaaaaaaaaaand you’re married.
-I love the Towey Family! Hearing of Blessed Mother Teresa’s beauty through your encounters with her was so inspiring and the stories have lead all of us MoEs to a better understanding and a deeper love for Mother. Irish dancing in your living room was priceless. Thanks for all the laughs!
-To everybody at the Holy Family Parish in Gorham, New Hampshire: Thank You!!! The bread you bought for us was so yummy, as was the entire breakfast (and introducing the diner pet to Kolbe and Victoria)! I loved procrastinating leaving with you guys. Who would ever want to leave such a great family and parish? Victoria-keep playing guitar, girl!
-Playing music with the Schoppe family was so much fun! Going back and forth from Simon & Garfunkel, to Danielle Rose, to High School Musical, was fun all around. You have such a beautiful home! Thanks for making that corn on the cob for us. The races kept us very amused on your front porch. =)

Without the pure gifts of your hearts and homes, we would be lost. I don’t know where we would be without the beds, coffee, and prayers you all have provided (probably still in Philly, trying to get our keys out of The Reg’s car…). We thank you all and are so grateful for all of your generous gifts!
And to all the Host Families we are going to visit on the walk, we are praying for you and I cannot wait to meet you personally!

United through the Eucharist,

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Who we are?

Every summer we, the Missionaries of the Eucharist, are walking from Lewiston, Maine to Washington, DC to proclaim the beauty of the Catholic faith to everyone we meet, specifically through the Theology of the Body.

Conversion begins in our own hearts,which is why prayer is so important to our ministry. For this reason, everyday of our ten week walk begins with daily Mass. By receiving Christ in the Eucharist, we are given the grace to be the Love of Christ not only to those in our community but also to those we meet in the streets.

We walk throughout the day to be a witness of love. We are grounded in prayer-we pray with our lips, our hearts, and our bodies. In walking an average of twenty-five miles per day, we offer our fatigue as a gift of love to Christ and the people we meet. Our walking is both sacrifice and prayer.