Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Happy Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

Happy Feast Day of the
Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

Also today is the Missionaries of the Eucharist's birthday!

What a great day!

Monday, August 31, 2009


Dear Friends,

Peace and Joy to you all! After 6 weeks of blisters, walking, rain and laughes we finished the walk on August 8, the Feast Day of St Dominic. Thank you all for your prayer and support. Stay tuned to read more about our crazy adventures and some reflections of the summer.

Praise God for His Love and Mercy and for our beautiful Lady who guides out heart into the Love of God. Praise God for all those who helped found the Missionaries of the Eucharist, without your desire to serve the Lord we would not have had such a great summer. Praise God for St Thomas Aqunias, St Therese of Lisieux and St Joseph, for your patronage and prayer from above. Praise God for Servant of God Pope John Paul II, for showing us such a great love for God and His Love for us, body and soul.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
we Love you.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Br. Philip Neri
(Jeff Reese)

Br. Clement
(Michael Dickie)

You can read about these new friars and their classmates at the Dominican Vocations Blog. Photos are from the Province of St. Joseph's Flickr Page. Please pray for their continued discernment and formation as they begin their novitiate.

Peace and Good!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Check this out!


Sunday, August 02, 2009

St. Dominic


As we were walking through Rhode Island, we were able to visit our Dominican walkers! These beautiful statues are placed within the beautiful campus of Providence College. Here is St. Dominic receiving the gift of the Rosary from Our Lady. He never stopped preaching of the importance and value of the Rosary. Our Lady would often appear to St. Dominic and inspire him to keep on spreading Her Psalter to convert hearts.

St. Dominic, Pray for us!
Our Lady of the Rosary, Pray for us!

United through the Eucharist,
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hmmm... something about this picture just makes me smile. Maybe its Scooter's lovely face or the cozy-ness of the Sao van or the fact that this is when we were able to reunite with our Dominican brothers... anyway i just love it, yay for MoE's!
in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
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MoE's Culinary Creations


After another long day on the road, the Missionaries of the Eucharist returned to the Andrew's house for dinner. On this glorious evening the Andrews barbequed hotdogs and hamburgers for the ravenous missionaries. Halfway through the dinner Missionary Renato L. Esposito II, was inspired to embark on a culinary endeavor. He reached to his left and acquired some spicy brown mustard. He then applied it to create some text on the hotdog. The world of Barbecue changed forever.

Saint Lawrence- The patron Saint of Barbecue, pray for us.

Renato Esposito
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2009 Missionaries of the Eucharist Swim-Off


After a long hot day on the road, Scott Wilkins and Renato L. Esposito II are preparing
to take part in the 2009 Missionaries of the Eucharist Swim-Off. As you can see in this
photo, on the left , Scott is sporting his brand new swimming goggles along with his retro teenage mutant ninja turtles towel. On the right, Renato is sporting the peach swimming goggles and retro summer design towel. These two men are destined for swimming greatness. I salute these two aquatic worriers, looks likes we may have 2012 Olympic future gold medalists in our midst. Swim strong you Sultans of swim, Paddlers of power, Backstroke berserkers, Dukes of the dive.

Renato Esposito
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Friday, July 31, 2009

True Devotion to the Holy Spirit

You're praying for our Dominican brothers as they prepare for novitiate, right?
If you need a prayer idea, they recommend this novena:

Novena to the Holy Spirit

After you've prayed, please enjoy Jeff Reese's wonderful talk on True Devotion to the Holy Spirit, presented in three parts below.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

From the Desk of the Walk Leader

As I look over our blog, I notice that many (if not most) of our entries are silly. While this is an accurate depiction of our communal life--we're a joyful and rambunctious crew--there are many sobering and serious moments as well. Whether it's praying the rosary in front of an abortion clinic, encountering the shattered lives of despairing homeless, or being jeered by passing motorists, there are times on the Walk when laughter is the farthest thing from my mind. But somewhere between these extremes of mirth and gravitas are indefinable moments of mixed emotions, so poignant that they leave an aftertaste.

Not long after the Walk began, my walkers began calling me "papa." At first I chuckled at the new nickname but as day blended into day and week into week I accepted the role and forced myself to see the paternal aspects of my job. But being a dad is no easy task and I've found myself contemplating the whole "fatherhood" thing. My spiritual director thinks that this can only be good for that whole discernment thing.

It's been difficult to say goodbye to my "children" who've left over the past few weeks. Like a dad who keeps staring at an empty place at the dinner table when his baby goes off to college I find my ears straining to hear Ludwig's absent voice when we chant the office or Marie's chuckle when I crack an exceptionally corny joke. When I'm rounding a hill at the end of a walking shift I keep expecting to see Martha behind the wheel of our van or Taryn typing on her iPhone to answer one of Nick's Franciscan questions. I miss seeing Jeff and Michael discussing the intersection of philosophy and economics or Sam giving a lesson on Church history or Maggie showing Dee how to properly stretch the hamstrings while Regina sings a Veggie Tales song.

For the next few days I have to contend with the very noticable absence of my co-pilot Dave. This summer has been a blessing for me--while Dave and I have lived together for six months and we were already good friends, this summer has really deepend our bond. Thankfully he'll be back soon.

I am really dreading the end of this walk. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have my own bed and the constant promise of a shower, but I would sooner walk for three more months (on feet layered with blisters) than see all my "children" disperse and go their separate ways. There's something special about this bunch. They bless me in so many ways... and they don't even realize it.

Gotta run... the kids need me to help them with their sore ankles.


The MoE-est Chapter in the New Testament

On the eve of their entrance to the postulancy of the Eastern Province Dominican friars, Michael Dickie and Jeff Reese each gave the walkers a talk on a topic of their own choosing. Here Michael speaks about John 6 and the Eucharist. The talk is presented in two parts.
Please pray for these young men and their classmates - for their continued discernment and formation, and that they may receive the religious names they have written in their hearts when they enter novitiate on August 8th, the Feast of St. Dominic.

Roadside evangelization makes front-page news

Yesterday's front page article of the Washington Post describes the five-week journey of six Franciscan friars that walked 300 miles to Washington DC.


It's a wonderful story about the joy of sharing the Gospel on the road.

Praise the Lord for the Franciscan friars - kindred spirits to the Missionaries of the Eucharist - receiving such a spotlight!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Questions from Our Viewers

In this video, walk leaders Scott "Scooter" Wilkins and David "Aloysius" Sao answer questions from our faithful blog readers.

Don't forget to send your questions to questions@themoes.us. You could be featured in a future episode of Questions from Our Viewers!

Monday, July 27, 2009

To All the MoEs Who've Walked Before

This post is a shout-out to all the MoEs who have walked before us.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the MoEs have lots of customs and traditions. Some are profound and some are silly. On The Walk, I discovered that many of them are multi-layered in their wisdom:

  • Observing an hour of silence daily and a longer period on Fridays provides an opportunity for personal prayer and contemplation - but it also provides a welcome (even necessary!) respite for people who are living with constant noise and zero privacy.

  • Praying the rosary on every walking shift sanctifies each step and sends thousands of prayers heavenward over the course of The Walk. It also provides a pleasant walking cadence and makes hot shifts, rainy shifts, and last-shift-of-the-day shifts pass more quickly.

  • Chanting the Office in men's and women's choirs proclaims the complementarity of the sexes - and it also sounds really neat.

  • Having extensive and expandable car prayers gives us a chance to pray together in a relaxed and unhurried manner. Having a simple and reverent Grace Before Meals prevents MoE mutiny at mealtimes. :o)

So, to all the MoEs who developed these and other MoE customs - thank you! You are wise indeed.

Peace and Good!

Introducing Handlebar Dimitri Mousekolnikov

Now that I've introduced myself, I have the great honor of introducing a new MoE, Handlebar Dimitri Mousekolnikov. I could tell you a little bit about him, but I think I'll just let him speak for himself:


Here's what happened when Handlebar met Dee:

Now that you've met Handlebar, you can be his friend on Facebook:

Peace and Good!

We Are Family

Dear friends,
Hello! My name is Taryn and I'm the redhead in the picture above. I've just returned from a week on the MoE Walk, and I'm popping by to share a bit of what I learned with you. I owe my involvement with the MoEs to my dear friend David Sao. I'd tell you that he's the fellow on the left, but I'm sure you already know that, because Dave knows everyone. He's introduced me to more wonderful people than I can count, including many, many MoEs.
The first thing that I learned is this: the MoEs are family. I've had the pleasure of helping host MoEs in Philly and being hosted by more MoEs at the March for Life, so I already knew the strength of the community. It wasn't until I joined The Walk, though, that I understood just how much of a family the Missionaries are. Like any family, the MoEs have traditions and sayings and jokes that no one else would find funny. We pray and eat and sleep and travel together. Most importantly, though, we take care of each other. We tend to each other's blisters and do each other's laundry.

Sometimes, on The Walk, showers are hard to come by, and we have to get creative to maintain a reasonable standard of hygiene. The MoE family is always ready to help!*

I miss my MoE brothers and sisters very much! Walk well, pray hard, and take good care of each other - I'll be be praying for you every day.

Peace and Good!

*Just kidding! No MoEs or commercial dryers were harmed in the making of this post.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We Got Ditched!


So one morning I dropped off Caroline and Nick to walk an early morning shift. I guess I hadn't woken up completely when I was driving because while attempting to park, I backed into a ditch. This picture was taken about 4 hours after Dave's van fell into the hole. Ludwig is determining how to get the van out. God heard my prayers though... I had prayed through the intercession of our Blessed Mother that the Lord might send us a free tow truck. Praise God always~ He's so good to us :0).

in Christ's perfect love,
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Jeffrey Matilda Reese

We miss you!!!

This picture of Caroline, Jeff, Martha and me was taken on Jeff and Michael's last day with the MoE's at St. Monica's Parish. On their last night, they gave us talks on True Devotion to the Holy Spirit and The Eucharist. Being able to witness our two brothers "in preacher mode" helped us realize (even though we knew already) their vocations to the Holy Priesthood.
I think this picture sums up our relationship with Jeff quite well. Scare-oline, Miss Martha and I going crazy laughing at Jeff. Whether he was picking us ladies flowers along the walk, talking about the Faith, making fun of Dave Sao, or punching people in the neck, he always had the ability to make someone smile no matter what we were going through on the walk.

We miss being able to spend time with you along with your great sense of humor, but we look forward to spending that time with you in the Eucharist.

Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit...
Make Us Saints! :)

United through the Eucharist,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh Cars...



You'll probably hear us talk about our many car problems. This picture is of renato and me trying to jump start my car after it died. The battery continued to die on us every day for a week, so we are became pretty much experts now at jumping cars. Praise God I ended up getting a new battery.

Please pray for our vehicles.

Peace and Joy!
Dave Sao
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Michael Dickie



This is Michael Dickie, he is an awesome man of God and a great friend of mine. The one thing the Missionaries of the Eucharist are good at is loving one another. Michael and I have been housemates this past year in the a house of prayer and discernment and Michael always greeted me with a big hug when I came back home from an exhausting day of school. It was a blessing to have Michael on the walk this year. Michael was very loved in our group especially because Michael knows a lot about a lot of things. Please pray for him while is now with the completely his postulancy with the Dominicans of the St Joseph province.

We miss you Michael Dickie!

Peace and joy!
Dave Sao
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Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us!


Here we are the first week of the walking at St John the Evagelist in St Johnsbury, VT. Being that we all love Our Lady of Guadalupe, we thought it would be great to take a family photo of us with her.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is very special to us because she is the patroness for the unborn and we believe in the diginity of all life from conception to natural death, from the womb to the tomb. In the image she is pregnant with the Christ-child and we ask her to every day to to pray for the mothers who are pregnant and are contempating an abortion.

Our Lady of Guadalupe,
Pray and protect the unborn!

Peace and joy!
Dave Sao
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Old timers



Maggie, Scott and I thought we should show how hard core we alumni are.

Peace and Joy!
Dave Sao
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This is Dee and I singing a song down by a lake on an off-shift. Dee brought her guitar for the summer walk, playing guitar and singing songs has been a great way to build community. -Nick Lensing
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This picture was taken on the top of Mount Equinox, which is located in Arlington Vermont. In this photo you can see what looks like a building complex. This is actually a Carthusian Monastery called the Charterhouse of the Transfiguration. I later found out that this monastery was the first Carthusian Monastery located in the western hemisphere. The monastery is surrounded with beautiful rolling hills and green woods; this is a perfect location for a contemplative monastery. I would like to thank Brain and everyone at the Carthusian monastery Gift Shop for letting us go up the mountain.

May God Bless you.

St Bruno Pray For us.
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Loading Team Extraordinaire...

Loading Team Extraordinaire: Ludwig Kern and Nick Lensing at it again. Notice our new car top carrier which prevents sleeping bags from getting wet when it rains. Praise the Lord! -Nick Lensing
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Divine Mercy Shrine

This is the Divine Mercy Shrine where we went on Monday, July 13, 2009. There we prayed the Rosary for Life, had Adoration, Mass, prayed Chaplet of Divine Mercy, had Confession, prayed Liturgy of the Hours, had a Eucharistic Festival of Praise, and learned about the shrine. -Nick Lensing
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These beautiful statues of the Holy Family were purchased during our training week at St. Vincent's. Placed in the center of the dashboard of the Sao-Van where us MoEs cram into everyday, we automatically focus on Jesus, Mary and Joseph and pray for their intercession as we promote the beauty of holy Catholic families.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph... We Love You! Save the souls of the Unborn Children, All the Souls in Purgatory, All the Priests and Religious, and All Marriages and Families!

United through the Eucharist,

Here is the beautiful Miss Martha reading up on Theology of the Body, lakeside in New Hampshire. Her joy is contagious!

United through the Eucharist,

This is Scott, our fearless Leader.
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Unnecessary Mystery"


One the biggest topic that the MoEs always talk about during the summer walk is "Vocation Discernment"! Many of us are in that stage of life where we just want to know what our vocation is. Is it to marriage? To the priesthood? To the consecrated single life? These questions are just always in the back of our minds. During the walk we encounter amazing priests and religious brothers and sisters and they show us the beauty of living the heavenly marriage with Christ on earth. They are all so beautiful that we just want to run off to be priests, brothers, or sisters so we can live such a joy-filled life. We also meet amazing loving families that trully are signs of the heavenly marriage and our hearts then desire to get married and raise children to love the Lord and Church.

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed thinking about vocations to marriage, priesthood, or single life that we forget that our first vocation is to be Holy and to love God with a humble and willing heart. If we keep our eyes on Christ He will reveal us His gift of our vocation to us.

Here's a picture of Dee with a great book we found called, Religious Vocation, An unnecessary mystery by Fr Richard Butler OP. It's a great book to read for those who might be feeling called to religious life.

Pax vobiscum!
Dave Sao

Our Lady, Spouse of the Holy Spirit!
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Ice Cream!!


Silly Renny.. Marie, Ludwig and Renato are getting some super great ice cream at Immaculate Conception Parish. When we arrived here, the lovely parishioners left us several super large pizzas and ice cream. Mmm, so so good. At this parish we were also able to sing praise and worship songs infront of the Tabernacle before bed. Blessed be God!!!
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Precious Blood Monastery Room


This was one of the rooms we stayed at in the Precious Blood Monastery in Brooklyn NY. It was such a beautifully humble place to stay. Monsignor Phillip Reilly was extremely welcoming and a wonderful man to be around. His passion for the pro-life movement is inspiring and contagious. Little did I know that this bed would be the last bed I slept in for a few days.
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Doctor/Papa Scott


Here we are at All Saints Parish in Lancaster, New Hampshire. After a very long day of walking we were welcomed with greaaat spagetti with meat sauce and very good salads. This is papa Scott playing doctor as usual. Dee's feet welcomed a nice little family of blisters, which Scott handled quite well :0). Renato is sitting in the backround, probably pondering life, or making sassy comments.

~ Martha :0)
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dee-Monkey and St. Francis


This beautiful statue was outside at the very legit Nation Shrine of Divine Mercy. We had just arrived and were heading in to the Shrine for Mass when all of a sudden our good friend St. Francis popped out of no where. He was just sitting out under the trees with his bird friends. That was such a beautiful day. Praise God!!!

Laura's Tower


We were at the top of Laura's Tower (1400 ft Alt.) in Stockbridge, MA. Brother Richard Mary, a Marian brother, took most of us on a 45 minute hike up a mountain. We all learned that we weren't as in shape as we thought. At the top of the tower we could see a good chunk of Stockbridge, including the Shrine of the Divine Mercy!! Woot woot!
~ Martha :0)
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Who we are?

Every summer we, the Missionaries of the Eucharist, are walking from Lewiston, Maine to Washington, DC to proclaim the beauty of the Catholic faith to everyone we meet, specifically through the Theology of the Body.

Conversion begins in our own hearts,which is why prayer is so important to our ministry. For this reason, everyday of our ten week walk begins with daily Mass. By receiving Christ in the Eucharist, we are given the grace to be the Love of Christ not only to those in our community but also to those we meet in the streets.

We walk throughout the day to be a witness of love. We are grounded in prayer-we pray with our lips, our hearts, and our bodies. In walking an average of twenty-five miles per day, we offer our fatigue as a gift of love to Christ and the people we meet. Our walking is both sacrifice and prayer.