Friday, August 01, 2008

Hail Mary Land

So I am writing this on Andi’s twentieth birthday. No longer can we shake our head at her antics and call her a “teeny bopper”—a phrase which agitates her almost as much as my firm insistence that “America runs on Dunkin.” To celebrate her birth, we’ve arranged for there to be a solar eclipse. We’ve also arranged for her to walk with us for twenty or so miles… but that’s just par for the course. I’ve heard rumors about a pool party tomorrow to celebrate both her birthday and my own—evidently brownie sundaes and dinosaurs were just to whet my birthday appetite.

We’re in Maryland now. On Wednesday night we stayed with the Newmans (aka Jessica’s parents) and we ate a huge Thanksgiving Dinner (complete with gravy, pumpkin pie, and decorations). The Cloutiers drove down to join us, as did Dave Sao and Wes and Josh and Jeff and Monica (who is now walking with us!). We liked the “Newman Center” so much that we stayed there again last night.

Today we’re slowly trekking toward Baltimore. If I can get the other MoEs to respect my “Blog Master Authority” then we might soon see some bios from Monica and the Leopolds (Joe, Mark, and Faith). Incidentally, “Monica and the Leopolds” sounds like an excellent name for a band. Maybe we can convince/force them to sing some songs in honor of the birthday madness.

Well, dear readers, you’ll have to excuse me now. It’s time for me to finish wrapping my feet (which, after weeks of relative peace, have decided to start blistering again). Catch ya on the flip side.

Scott “The Sasquatch”

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