Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Feast of St. Thomas More

Today is a great day for the Catholic Church, and its also a great day for anyone who studies the Theology of the Body.

St. Thomas More was martyred for his defense of the true faith, and while I'd love to write about how his martyrdom was a gift of self, there are other unique characteristics about his life that reveal the truths of the Theology og the Body.
During the 16th century, the Reformation broke out across Europe, and at first, King Henry VIII of England fought against the Protestants. In fact, he wrote a tract against Luther, and was awarded the title "Defender of the Faith." However, this wasn't to be forever.
Soon after, he desired to get a divorce because his wife couldn't bear any children. St. Thomas More who was his closest advisor, being that he was the Chancelor of England, wouldn't support the king. St. Thomas understood the true value and beauty of marriage. He himself was married and had children, and so he knew of the importance and joy of children. However, at the same time, he was a devout Catholic. It was this that cost him his head, literally.
The King was willing to forgive Thomas for his lack of support over the divorce issue, but when it came to Henry's next move, Thomas again wouldn't budge. The King was willing to break away from Rome to get his divorce, but this would mean that he would be excommunicated. But, his lustful and prideful disposition was too much for whatever desires that remained for holiness. And he broke away, yet Thomas stayed true to the faith and refused to allow that Henry would be in charge of the Church.
It was this desire to remain loyal to Rome, it was his desire to uphold a Church built on the marriage of Christ and the Church, rather than one built on the divorce of a man from his wife that kept Thomas on the path to holiness. His desires played out, and he was martryed. And now he's in heaven. His desire to live properly in a Church built on the right understanding of love and marriage was his saving grace!


Ren said...

Happy Feast day of St. Paulinus of Nola and St. John Fisher as well, MoEs! Good work on the beautiful blog.

Anonymous said...

hey, when are you guys going to be in boston? give me a call and will drive down 802 384 0027


Lindsay said...

You've got a typo, guys. Up there toward the beginning it says, "Theology og the Body." :)

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