Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Misunderstanding of Human Sexuality, PT I

Recently we received a comment on our blog that before we could even appropriately deal with it, we couldn't find it any longer. The gist of the comment went like this:

"You guys are disgusting, 'preaching to people about how to live their lives.' I like sex, even sex with people of my gender. 'Gay people are good. Straight people are good. Transgendered people are good.' 'Condoms are good: they prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs.' They make sex wonderful, and if it's so good then why worry about the kids part and not just indulge in pleasure?

You guys write terrible blog entries, and even with the 'work' you do, homosexuality will continue. I'm proud to be homosexual! 'Get off your high horse, learn to spell...and crawl back into whatever dirty hole you came out of. You're a bully, a bigot, and an *******.'"

Well, with that in mind, we're going to take this chance as a sign that we need more catechesis on our blog. I'm going to skip all the ad hominem attacks and go on to what is actually important.

So with this in mind, we must state first off, that if people feel like we're condemning them, then they're misunderstanding us. We're not about condemnation but about using the desires that they truly have and showing them that they're actually desiring something even greater. As odd as this might sound, the people who understand the teachings of the Church better are the ones who are trying to understand love, even if they're doing it in weird and even sinful ways. The people who understand it less are the ones who in an effort to fight sin, go too far to the right and condemn everything. They're the ones who are really missing the buck.

With that said, welcome to the new year. Enjoy the posts to come.

Furthermore, check out the TOB blog from our Missionaries in DC:

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