Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Closer Look at Emergency Contraception

The only emergency about Emergency Contraception is the fact that it exists and is able to be accessed to easily.

While I was at my own local doctor's office, I picked up a brochure on Emergency Contraception that is published by Planned Parenthood. For those of you who may not know, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country. Margaret Sanger, a woman who had close ties with Nazi Germany, and who was well known as a racist and eugenicist, founded Planned Parenthood in the early 20th century.

The front of the pamphlet says at the bottom, “Planned Parenthood: America’s most trusted name in women’s health.” Their slogan is ironic given the fact that abortion is hardly a positive woman’s service. What is so positive about having your baby killed inside of you and then removed?

Inside the pamphlet it reads, “EC (the initials commonly used as shorthand for Emergency Contraception) prevents pregnancy by stopping ovulation, fertilization, or implantation. It will not effect an existing pregnancy. And it will not cause an abortion.”
(Yes, it should be “affect” not “effect” but since 'it is the most trusted name in women’s health,’ I will let it go.)

Upon examination of the statement on how EC works, it is clear that there is contradiction.

First, it states that EC “will not effect an existing pregnancy.”

However, it also states that it will prevent implantation.

If you conceive new life, and that new life travels down a woman’s fallopian tube, arrives in the uterus and then cannot implant inside the uterine wall because EC has destroyed the lining of the uterus, then the new life is affected (or effected, depending on your English teacher).

Second, since the new life cannot implant (because, as it claims, EC prevents implantation) then it does indeed cause an abortion.

Towards the end of the pamphlet, it is noted, “EC will not harm a fetus. Still, you should not use emergency contraception if you are pregnant.”

If they will not harm a fetus, why the warning?!

At another point, it reads, “Emergency contraception is meant for emergencies only.” A page later it is stated, “Take-home kits allow women to use EC in emergency situations without having to wait to see their clinicians.”

If it should be used for emergencies only, is it all that safe to be giving out take-home kits?

Besides, what qualifies as an emergency? One may assume that Planned Parenthood only intends this for women who have been brutally raped.

On the contrary, an “emergency” is any time that a woman has “unprotected sex.” (Note: if you need to protect yourself from the person you’re having sex with, that notion in itself should be a red flag that it ain’t love).

The pamphlet also states that EC, “can reduce the risk of pregnancy…”

How absolutely degrading it is to women to assert that being pregnant is some sort of abnormality that should be circumvented. Pregnancy is not a disease. Women are not broken when pregnant. The second society perpetuated the inane phrase of “risk of pregnancy” is the second that women submitted to being considered victims at the very time that they are heroes.

The topic of Emergency Contraception cannot end at the refutation a Planned Parenthood pamphlet. Truly, to give it due attention, several sources ought to be consulted and cross-referenced. While a total study of EC could fill volumes of books, it is easy enough to breakdown the essentials for this simple blog.

I just so happen to have the book, “A Consumer’s Guide to the Pill” by John Wilks lying around my house. Inside, it provides medical based descriptions and observations of the pill and it’s relatives.

Interestingly, it states that, “The drugs used after coitus are a form of the currently available formulations of the pill. To achieve a post-coital ‘contraceptive’ action, the pill is administered in high does over a period of 72 hours.” (Coitus means sex).

This means that the drug “EC” is really just a high dosage of the pill. (The pill contains either progesterone and or estrogen in synthetic form.)

It needs to be understood that “Emergency Contraception” is a MISNOMER. In order to be a contraceptive, the drug must work only to prevent con-ception. However, as “A Consumer’s Guide to the Pill” points out, “If post-coital drugs acted exclusively to inhibit ovulation, then the term ‘contraceptive’ would be accurate. But research by Grou (1994) in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has concluded that post-coital drugs act principally to terminate a viable pregnancy be interfering with the endometrium:

“…this mode of action could explain the majority of cases where pregnancies are prevented by the morning-after pill.”

Harper and co-workered, writing in Family Planning Perspective’s(1995), made the same observation:

“Emergency contraceptive pills, also known as morning-after pills, are a postcoital hormonal treatment that appears to inhibit implantation of the fertilized ovum.”

The examples go on and on.

As I read more, I came upon the side-effects. On page 155 of A Consumer’s Guide, it states,
“When estrogens alone are used as a post-coital ‘contraceptive’, the major problems related to the excessively high does given, with the attendant risks of side-effets: the presecribed regine of 5mg/day for 5 days of ethinyl estradiol or conjugated estrogens at 30mg/day for 5 days represents the equivalent of 2 years’ use of 50ug/day combined oral contraceptive.” Studies done using these high doses of estrogen found that nausea occurred in 70% and vomiting in 33% of patients. Questions of concern are also raised about the damage to a woman’s life supply of eggs occasioned by the ingestion of such a large does of female hormone.”

Can you imagine, sitting down and taking 2 years worth of the pill all at once and not thinking to yourself, hmm, maybe this could be harmful? As for the vomiting, the Planned Parenthood mentioned that vomiting is a side-effect and even suggests you may want to eat some crackers.

Contrary to what Planned Parenthood claims, Emergency Contraception does cause abortions. It does so by ruining a woman’s endometrium (the lining of a woman’s uterus…it’s what sheds when she has her period…). When a new life gets to the uterus and can’t implant, the new life dies; the son or daughter is aborted.

The next time you see an ad for Emergency Contraception, note that the only emergency is the fact that it exists.

Quotes taken from: Emergency Contraception © Revised version December 2002 Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. Original copyright 1996 PPFA. All rights reserved.

A Consumer’s Guide to the Pill and Other Drugs by John Wilks B. Pharm. M.P.S.
Published by ALL Inc. Stafford, Virginia, 1997.


jennie said...

I have seen more children born to unwanting mothers than I care to count. I have seen 11 year old children killing themselves because they don't have families to love them and raise them and teach them that they have a chance. I have seen hundreds of children living with alcoholic, destructive parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles... who DO NOT have a chance. They have no chance. I have seen 14 year-olds drunk, 7 months pregnant, smoking crack... they don't know better. I have met 17 year-olds who are pregnant with their 5th and 6th child... none of the previous children living with their mother or family. There is no option of adoption, because the mothers giving birth to the unwanted babies are babies themselves, without education or support, and don't even realize that this option exists. They bring these unwanted, unloved babies into the world... year after year after year. Not all sex is about love, that's the reality. In a perfect world, it would be, and there would be no need for protection. But this is not a perfect world, at least the real world that I live in isn't. There is reality all over the place, and the option for EC, if it can prevent just one more life of endless suffering... it should be an option. It's about options. THE CHOICE.

Anonymous said...

GREAT post.

I think it's ironic that PP claims they are the most "trusted" name in women's health. They never said most TRUSTWORTHY... it's like they know that their whole "women's health" front is a complete facade.

Are ya'll coming to Stafford or Northern VA at any point? I'd really love to meet you...

In Christ,

Matthaeus Evangelista said...

Liz, if you read this, we actually have some Missionaries in Stafford. We'd love to meet you. I wish I had read this comment earlier since we were in Stafford this past Sunday evening.

Please contact me at

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