Saturday, April 01, 2006

Today South Dakota ... Tomorrow the World!

Planned Parenthood ... the gates of Hell will not prevail. The Missionaries of the Eucharist are here to raze these gates asunder! We are renewed with the goodness of this world, the goodness of life- and it is worth fighting for!

After meeting with some more Jacks for Life this morning for Liturgy of the Hours, we were off to the big city. Sioux Falls, a city of 150, 000, is prime to explode on the pro-life scene as the forefront for the most decisive battle in the history of humanity. We were able to meet with several new contacts this morning but we were most impressed with a young businessman in the Sioux Falls area who took us out to lunch.

Over lunch, he described several past political campaigns that would be perfect to imitate, to bring the pro-lifers in the South Dakota area to a full mutiny against Planned Parenthood's skewing of the human person. I'm incredibly impressed with the kindness, yet determination, the pro-lifers in South Dakota show and especailly our host in his direct and straightforawrd analysis of his own, and the pro-life movement's, faults.

On that note, as well, I believe that it is incredibly important to show South Dakotans the importance of their fights and their efforts. To rally around these pro-life groups is essential for all pro-life groups, no matter the budget, status or creed. An organization that considers itself pro-life should be focused in some way on trying to assist those states that are supporting abortion bans. Being that South Dakota has already passed such a ban we should be prepared for the fight that is before our very eyes.

As we meet more and more of our contacts, I have come to the realization that this is the moment to strike against the powers of evil ... if we are willing to do our jobs correctly. Abortion stills happens because we in the pro-life movement are not doing our jobs well enough. I do not do my job well enough. I think that it is time for us to re-evaluate our goals as a movement to see who is willing to sacrifice for that which is never easy. We must ask ourselves ... are we willing to take up our crosses and follow Christ to victory?


Daniel said...

Amen! Are you guys still in SD?

Amanda Mashack said...

I just created a gosh-darn account just so I could post on here, and contact you Jess.

I got a mass email from the Parents Newman saying you all were out in South Dakota (?!?!). So much for going back to school, huh?

I went to the site and saw pics and info and read the msnbc thing with your name smacked all over it. I like how you being loud at CMW wasn't good enough so now you have to be loud all over the world. At least you are loud with an amazing message.

I'm at school and my friend is teaching me all the stuff that I never learned at CCD that I should've. Really elementary things ... like how to pray a rosary. You have to start somewhere, right?

Speaking of... can you all say lots of prayers for my grandfather? He just had a bad stroke last Monday and is in the ICU and not doing especially well; this is stroke #3 or so, and he's already 80... his name is, like my dad's, Andy. So maybe you can rally some troops and get His help.

Stay happy. God Bless, Jess, and all of you out there - do yo thang

Jessica Newman said...

I'm technically in school right now ... just not at school. Having fun too.

Will pray for your grandfather. Write more later.

Matthaeus Evangelista said...

Daniel - Yes, Jess is still in SD, and will be there for a bit longer.

Amanda - All of us Missionaries will be praying for your grandfather. And, I think we all know how it is to learn the remedial things. So please keep praying that Catholic education will join in on the "new evangelization" and start to stir things up in favor of spreading the entirety of the Gospel.

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Conversion begins in our own hearts,which is why prayer is so important to our ministry. For this reason, everyday of our ten week walk begins with daily Mass. By receiving Christ in the Eucharist, we are given the grace to be the Love of Christ not only to those in our community but also to those we meet in the streets.

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